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    How to Become an Android Entwickler

    android entwickler

    If you’re considering a career as an Android entwickler, you need to be aware of your requirements and competitors. As an android entwickler, you’ll be a software developer with a background in informatics, knowledge of various programming languages, development environments, and app requirements. Many companies are hiring for this position, so you should be a graduate or have an equivalent degree. Those with experience in agile development models are preferred.

    Become an Android entwickler

    If you are interested in developing Android apps, you can learn about the basics of the Android SDK and Android Studio. The SDK is the program used to write the code for an application, while the Android Studio is where you will actually write the code. These programs contain pre-written codes that help you write applications. Also, you will need to learn about SQL, which helps organize databases within an app. XML is also used to describe data in an application.

    The most effective way to learn Android development is to start with a baby project and gradually work up to more complex projects. By learning the basics, you will find yourself developing a portfolio of high-quality apps that you can sell to other developers. Using tutorials and free online resources can help you learn the basics of Android development. There is also a community that will support your learning and support you along the way.

    If you’re serious about learning the basics of Android development, you should consider joining the ranks of Android developers. These developers will need to understand Android’s API, develop a robust application, and write code to run the software. Once you’ve created a working application, you can then distribute it to customers through official Android marketplaces and third-party websites. To get your app on the Android Market, you’ll need to pay a membership fee. Although Google’s standards are lenient, you’ll have an easier time getting your app distributed.


    Google recently announced that the winners of the Android Developer Challenge 2 contest have been announced. The challenge is designed to encourage software developers to create Android apps and provide cash awards for the best ones. Some of the winning apps include SweetDreams, which allows users to sleep while sending late calls to voicemail. Another winner of the challenge was the game What the Doodle!?, a multiplayer online version of Pictionary. Some others, such as WaveSecure, a mobile security application that can back up data, lock down phones, and wipe data remotely.

    The Android Developer Challenge features multiple categories for applications and games, including education, social networking, media, and games. The first competition featured 50 finalists. Ten of them received second place prizes of $100,000 USD each, while the top 10 won $275,000 USD each. Winners did not receive rankings in the contest. The prize money is awarded in accordance with the number of votes received by each contestant. However, the prize money varies widely depending on the category.


    To be an Android entwickler, you must have the following skills. You must be well-versed in popular programming languages and development tools. You must also have some knowledge of SQL and XML. A good analytical mind is a must. You should also have a keen eye for detail and be able to think critically and creatively. A good developer should also be able to analyze problems and implement solutions in the best possible way.


    In India, the average salary of an Android Developer is about Rs 4.0 Lakhs per annum. According to ZipRecruiter data, Android Developers make up to $195K annually, depending on their level of experience. In the US, salaries for a senior Android developer can range from $129K to $195K, while the average salary for a junior Android developer is around $45000. If you’re a recent college graduate looking for a new job, this salary is likely to be lower.

    The salary for an Android developer can vary depending on several factors, including location and education. Companies often hire people who know Android and Java, but may not have experience with the Android SDK. Thus, if you are a recent graduate, it may be worth freelancing as a way to gain experience and perfect your skills. You can also take up Search Engine Optimization to boost your company’s brand value and improve its market visibility.

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